The environment, where a person does not perceive any distracting circumstances or hazards, is a comfortable environment.

Long-term comfort and safety in such an environment is ensured in the best possible way by various technologies.

International group Ecomatic offers its clients the means for creating comfortable, safe and secure environments.

Each company of Ecomatic is specialised in a certain field of activity and considers also the needs of its country of location. At the same time, Ecomatic possesses skills and experience that always enable us to find the solutions suitable for our clients.

Welcome to cooperation!

Our fields of activity:

  • Heating, water and ventilation automation, process control
  • System integration and visualization, building management systems
  • Recovery of thermal energy from steam, boiler gas and hot waste water
  • Automated thermal substations
  • Air curtains, radiant heaters
  • Investment support for energy saving programs
  • Purification filters for technical and drinking water
  • Monitoring systems for explosive and toxic gases, gas detectors, gas analyzers
  • Gas leak detection equipment
  • Measurement instruments and the measuring of soil and air pollution
  • Audible and visual signalling equipment
  • Security equipment



Main office: Ecomatic Ltd.
Pärnu mnt 160B 11317 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 650 8000 Fax: +372 650 8010

Ecomatic Baltia (Kaliningrad)
Ecomatic (Kaliningrad)